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Best Wireless Printers 2007

Author: James Kara Murat

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The year 2007 is the year of the WiFi. Tidying up your home or
office space starts with cutting the numerous cords that tangles
and connects your productivity gadgets together. Therefore,
customers looking for printers are being specific when they say
they want a wireless printer to go with the increased
connectivity that other computer accessories have.

Wireless connection in printers are not new but they certainly
took off this year as people are searching for mobile solutions.
Let us look at who made the cut for the top wireless printers
this year.

Canon Pixma iP90v Wireless Mobile Printer

The href="
htm">Canon Pixma iP90v is a mobile printer that is perfect
for business travelers or professionals who need printing jobs
done while on the move. It's mobile design features a gray patch
on the side as it also resembles a laptop with its book-shaped
dimensions. The compact design makes the laptop so easy to carry
around. If you add in its efficient printer ink saving
cartridges, then you have a good mobile printer in your hands.

Due to its mobility the Canon Pixma iP90v is rather on the high
end of the cost scale. While it has the features to satisfy the
mobile user, you need to shell some good money to use it with
its higher printer ink requirements. However, you can justify
the cost if you buy compatible printer inks such as the href="">Canon
BCI15BK, Canon BCI16, Canon BCI15BK and Canon BCI16C. The
photo printer also comes with a USB 2.0 connection and a
wireless IRDA connection.

HP Photosmart C6180

The HP Photosmart C6180 printer errs more to office
functionality. Yet its main strength will always be network
connectivity. The classy white-colored printer can carry out
printer networking setups that includes wireless support. The HP
Photosmart C6180 also supplies an ADF and media card reader for
dedicated printing from multiple data sources. The HP Photosmart
C6180 wireless printer has built in automatic feeder and its fax
functionality are crucial factors for the middle of the line
users. For an average of $300 you can get a fully functional
printer with wireless capability. The HP Photosmart C6180
printer is also a high yield printer which is friendly to your
printer ink cartridge cost. If you decide to dampen your
printing cost, you can start with buying high capacity href="">HP C8721WN
ink, HP C8771WN Cyan, or HP C8772WN magenta.

Canon Pixma iP6700D

Canon's standard for wireless printers continues with Canon
Pixma iP6700D. The Canon Pixma iP6700D is a standalone printer
with a 3.5 inch LCD, full panel controls and effective photo
outputs. This speedy printer is perfect for individuals who
would want a new edge to their photo printing experience.
However, this Canon printer is more suitable for photo printing
which appeals to photographers but falls back when it comes to
document printing. To compensate, you can try the Canon CLI-8BK
and Canon CLI-8C as replacement inks. Still, the Canon Pixma
iP6700D can handle document printing for home use or as a nice
all-purpose printer for the non-intensive user.

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HP Printer Customer Complaints

Author: James Kara Murat

st patricks

Although an HP printer is generally regarded as one of the best
machines available in the market, there are certain grievances
that are repeatedly pointed out by various consumers. For
instance, Paula of Bedford, one of the customers, writes in her
product review that “I am interested in the suit against HP. I
have an Office Jet LX printer. And the cost for the ink is
outrageous.” This is a very common complaint, and many users
accuse an HP printer of consuming too much of ink and hence,
making the operation costly.

HP Photosmart C3180 is particularly notorious among the
customers for its lengthy and complicated installation process.
Nicholas Tier, a customer, writes, “I am fairly
computer-literate (and can read instructions!). But the
installation process nearly drove me insane. I installed three
times and I'm still not 100% sure that everything that should
have been installed actually did.” A variety of other
customers have also laid great emphasis on this particular
demerit of HP Photosmart C3180. Another customer claims to have
spent as long as five hours during the installation process of
this HP model. Yet, another customer has mentioned about the
same model that its mechanism of paper rolling got damaged only
within a few month of its purchase. Besides, the print quality
has not been quoted to be too good either and there are frequent
paper jams even the paper is HP Photo Paper. Often, the pages
are bent and the printer does not accept the applied settings
too well. Sizes, alignment and color settings are reported to be

Many customers complain that the printing process abruptly stops
in the middle and documents are not printed in full. According
to them, incorrect warnings are generated. An HP printer quits
accepting the sheets only after three months of use. No matter
how much the user tries to insert the sheet, the printer keeps
on generating the ‘out of paper’ message. A common complaint
is that the user guide does not contain useful or sufficient
material. The only information contained in the user manual is
about the installation process and nothing else than that.

A common customer complaint against HP machines is their slow
speed plus high ink costs. Many customers mention in their
writings that the bottom, sides and top of the page are left
blank. Often the printing is not straight. Most of the customers
regard many models of HP as unsuitable for professional use. The
HP customer support is generally believed to be very
uncooperative. A large number of customers make angry comments
about the customer service which, according to them, is never
willing to help them with their problems. In short, the
customers have a lot of negative feedback against different HP

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